Initial D: Third Stage
Initial D: Third Stage
2001 • N/A • 1h 40min • ActionRomanceAnimation
5/5 • 6.1 / 10 IMDb

With high school graduation right around the corner, Takumi Fujiwara has a lot on his mind and a lot to prepare for. Everything becomes even more complicated when Takumi is offered a spot on Ryosuke Takahashi's elite Kengai Racing Team, which seeks to assemble the greatest racers in the Gunma area for a tour of Japan's mountain passes. Before he can accept however, Takumi feels the need to settle the score with the Lancer Evo driving Emperor team, defend his downhill-racer crown against the son of his father's greatest rival, and finally settle things with his unfaithful girlfriend Natsuki.

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Reviewed by bruhter bruhter 5 / 5 10 months ago

best movie ever


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